Can  Crocheting Hurt Your Shoulder?

"Experiencing pain from crocheting is the biggest nightmare for every crocheter out there."


"Depending on the hand that you use to do your needlework, the damage can slowly creep onto your arm and as soon as the pain starts, it gradually slows you."


"Even though crocheting is both calming and distressing, it is a repetitive activity that may cause harm to your shoulder if overdone."

Can Crocheting Hurt Your Shoulder?


"...a Frozen Shoulder is a disorder that affects the joint capsule in the shoulder, often resulting in stiffness, pain, and eventually a total loss of mobility..."

What is a Frozen Shoulder?


1. Consult Your Doctor

11 Expert Tips to Stop Pain When Crocheting


2. Take a Break 

3. Stretch 

4. Physical Therapy 

5. Use Ergonomic Crochet Hooks 

6. Support Your Elbows 

7. Chiropractic Care and Massage 

8. Topical Treatments 

9. Compression Gloves 

10. Differentiate Skills 

11. Find Additional Triggers of Pain