Does Tunisian Crochet Use

More Yarn Than Regular Crochet?

Tunisian Crochet is a popular type of crochet that is considered a hybrid between knitting and crochet. It is also known as “Afghan crochet.”

Tunisian Crochet uses more yarn than regular crochet. On average, you can also expect to use between 25% to 30% more yarn (by weight) than knitting on the same surface.

Tunisian Crochet uses Afghan Hooks that measure between 11 and 14 inches long. Meanwhile, Regular Crochet uses hooks that measure around 6 inches long. The other end of the hook is straight.

The Difference in Tools

In Regular Crochet, you are working on just one stitch before moving on to the next stitch. But in Tunisian Crochet, you work on the right side or front side of the fabric.

Design Pattern

With Tunisian Crochet, its fabric stretches in many different directions. The fabric stretches more vertically than horizontally due to the bars created during the return pass when crocheting.

Fabric Structure