Macramé and Crochet are both fiber arts that create decorative pieces for both indoor and outdoor use. These pieces can be worn as clothing, especially when made with crochet. 

Macramé is a method that is carried  out by using ropes, cords, or thick  threads to make knots. 

What is Macramé?

Crochet is a technique where yarns and threads are interwoven with the aid of a crochet hook into various designs ranging from accessories to full outfits.  

What is Crochet?

While Macramé is carried out solely with the materials and by hand, Crochet requires specialized tools to carry out, which may add to its technicality. 


Macramé vs. Crochet:

...Crochet can be made using Crochet Hooks while Macramé is made using bare hands.  


Macramé vs. Crochet: