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About Me

Hello, I’m April Lee, and I’m thrilled to welcome you into my world of crochet creativity. I reside in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California, where I’ve cultivated a deep love for all things yarn-related, especially when it comes to crafting beautiful blankets of various sizes.

My crochet journey began at the tender age of 8, as I learned this time-honored craft from my mother and grandmother. Those early lessons have since transformed into over 30 years of crochet experience, and each stitch I create carries with it the memories and traditions passed down through generations.

I currently share my home with my wonderful 16-year-old daughter and my loyal four-legged friend, Hurley. Los Angeles is not only my home but also a constant source of inspiration, with its vibrant culture and diverse surroundings.

I invite you to join me on this crochet journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of yarn together. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just beginning to unravel the magic of this craft, my blog is here to share patterns, expertise, and a world of creativity.

Discover the warmth, creativity, and inspiration that crochet brings into my life. Welcome to my colorful world of yarn, where every stitch tells a story and endless possibilities await!

portrait of april lee holding up a dropped v stitch blanket
Portrait of April Lee holding up one of her crocheted creations.

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My personal profile on Facebook is open but I do not accept friend requests. If you would like to connect with me for all things crochet and yarn related, you can find me active on various social platforms: