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Crochet Tools

Over time, all crafters develop their own set of tools, equipment and fibers that they really love. Here are items I personally own and recommend. Keep in mind that these are my honest recommendations but, as an affiliate, I may earn a commission from your purchase.


Crochet Hooks

These are the ones I use most frequently. Note that this type is sold by a variety of resellers and you can find other case patterns.

Yarniss 14 Size Crochet Hooks Set, 2mm(B)-10mm(N) Ergonomic Crochet Hooks with Case View on Amazon

For finer yarns, I love these ergonomic hooks. I think these would also be great for kids or people with smaller hands.

Yarn Winder

This is my favorite yarn winder. It just works and I feel like it has a larger capacity than other models I have tried.

Yarn Winder,shexton Portable Yarn Ball Winder Hand-Operated Wool String Fiber Ball Winder
View on Amazon
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