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Honeycomb Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Discovering a Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in the color straw in a mystery bag was an unexpected surprise that sparked my latest crochet adventure of creating a honeycomb crochet blanket. The unique hue of the yarn, somewhat unconventional and probably the reason it ended up in a mystery selection, inspired me to embark on this whimsical, bee-inspired baby blanket project. While the color was a bit unusual, it seemed perfect for mimicking the warm, golden tones of a honeycomb, making it an ideal match for my vision.

honeycomb crochet blanket pattern

Having previously enjoyed creating the Bee Happy blanket in filet crochet, I felt motivated to dive into a similar theme once more. Eager to find the perfect pattern, I turned to Etsy, where I discovered a delightful crochet bee blanket pattern by OwlBHooked that seemed just right.

This pattern, characterized by its easy filet crochet technique and consistent use of double crochets, was not only a breeze to work up but is also incredibly beginner-friendly. To give the blanket a special finishing touch, I crafted a window pane border in complementary colors, evoking the rich, golden hues of honey produced by bees. Keep reading for more details on this blanket.

close up image of the honeycomb crochet blanket


honeycomb crochet blanket hanging on a chair at the deck

Honeycomb Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 37″ x 43″

This is a paid pattern and can be purchased on Etsy.


For this pattern I used a beautiful Moroccan tile stitch crochet border. Click for the written instructions for the border.

closeup of moroccan crochet border

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