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Crochet After Dark – Crochet Podcast Episode 4

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In this episode of the Crochet After Dark podcast, I share my latest finished objects, including a beautiful Speedy Granny Ruth blanket and a vintage tulip stitch blanket. I also show off some of my current works in progress, including a rectangular shawl, a filet crochet blanket, and a purple corner-to-corner blanket. Additionally, I discuss my recent yarn room organization and upcoming tutorials.

Key Takeaways

  • This episode of the Crochet After Dark podcast features a variety of finished objects and works in progress, showcasing different patterns and techniques.
  • Viewers can look forward to upcoming tutorials on the this website, including tutorials for the vintage tulip stitch and the granny heart project.

Finished Objects

Speedy Granny Ruth Blanket

I am excited to share with you my finished objects for this week. The first one is the Speedy Granny Ruth blanket, a pattern by Krista over at the Secret Yarnery. This is an adult-sized throw blanket that is nice and wide and super long. The blanket has a beautiful closed weave and is not heavy, making it drapey and beautifully soft.

I am very happy with how the Speedy Granny Ruth blanket turned out. It is a perfect couch blanket or extra blanket for my bed. The tassels were fun to figure out and super easy to make. You can get the pattern for free on Krista’s YouTube channel, and she also has a written paid pattern to go along with it.

Vintage 1916 Tulip Stitch Blanket

The second finished object I want to share with you is from a vintage 1916 crochet pattern book. I had to figure out the starting multiple for the tulip stitch, and I think I’m going to call it a dropped V-stitch when I translate the pattern and get it on this website. I used three colors of yarn, blue, white, and yellow, and put a pretty little simple shell border on it, which finished the project up nicely.

This blanket is 36″ by 36″ and creates a beautiful print pattern. It is a little bit heavy, so it wouldn’t be a blanket for a newborn, but it would be a great blanket for a toddler or an older child who’s able to kick the blanket off. It would also be a nice heavier type of blanket for an adult throw. The stitch was easy to work on, making it a perfect pattern to work on while watching TV or doing other things.

I will be creating a tutorial for this blanket soon and getting it posted here on the website. Overall, I am very happy with how both of these finished objects turned out, and I can’t wait to use them.

Work in Progress

Found WIP – Marshmallow Blanket

  • Current Status: Finished
  • Yarn Used: Bernat Baby Blanket

I found an old work in progress (WIP) that I started several years ago, the marshmallow blanket pattern. I thought I had weaved in all the ends, but I found out that I didn’t. I only need to weave in a few more ends, and it will be done.

This blanket is made from Bernat Blanket yarn, it is the marshmallow blanket pattern from Crochet Dreamz. It’s not my pattern, but it was one of the first blankets I crocheted when I started getting back into crochet. It’s a free crochet pattern and, because it uses chunky yarn, it works up very quickly.

Vintage Stitch Rectangular Shawl

I asked my viewers if they would prefer to see a shawl rectangular shawl pattern or a blanket pattern out of a vintage stitch that I had mentioned in a previous episode. They chose a rectangular shawl, so I started working on it.

I’ve completed three skeins of mandala yarn and sequins, and I have one more skein to go. It’s going to be a really nice and pretty shawl. I have an event coming up in the next month or so, and I have a beautiful black dress picked out, and I think this will be the perfect complement to that.

Bee Happy Filet Crochet

I started a new WIP, a filet crochet blanket pattern from Etsy called “Bee Happy.” This is my first time trying filet crochet, and so far, it’s been really fun.

I like how it’s turning out with these nice straight edges, which is really cool. I’m using Lion Brand Pound of Love in yellow for the blanket and I Love This Yarn in metallic white for the white panel to get a really pretty sparkle.

Purple Corner to Corner

I’ve been working on my purple corner to corner, and it’s coming along nicely. I’m getting this chevron effect, and it’s going to continue like that the whole one side panel.

I decided to do this in panels because it was easier for me to create this half of the Chevron in a panel, and that way, I could just get it done and work on it in one piece versus having this big wide project to work on.

Granny Heart Puff Stitch

  • Current Status: Work In Progress

I just barely started on this concept, and it’s using a couple of different things that I have seen around the net, and then I just kind of combined those ideas that I’ve seen into this project. It’s a granny heart with these kind of puff stitches in the corner going up, making them look like little tiny hearts to me.

I’m using pink and the white or the print color from Hobby Lobby, and I’m going to add another white and then another pink. I may frog this back and actually add the puff stitch in the white.

Yarn Room Organization

As a crocheter, my yarn stash tends to grow and take over my craft room. That’s why I decided to take some time to organize my yarn room and make it a more functional space.

First, I went through all of my yarn and sorted it by weight and color. I then put each category of yarn into clear plastic bins, so I can easily see what I have. This not only makes it easier to find the yarn I need for a project, but it also helps me to keep track of what I have and what I need to buy.

Next, I organized my hooks and needles by size and type and put them in a cute pencil holder on my desk. This way, I can easily find the hook or needle I need without digging through a pile of them.

I also created a designated space for my WIPs and finished objects. I have a basket for my current WIPs and a shelf for my finished projects. This not only keeps my projects organized, but it also motivates me to finish them so I can display them on the shelf.

Finally, I added some decor to my yarn room to make it a more inspiring and inviting space. I hung up some crochet-themed art and added some plants to bring some life into the room.

Overall, organizing my yarn room has made it a much more functional and enjoyable space. Now, I can easily find what I need and have a designated space for my projects.

Upcoming Tutorials

I’m excited to share with you some of the upcoming tutorials that I have in store for you. First up, I’ll be creating a tutorial for the tulip stitch blanket that I showed you earlier. This vintage stitch is really beautiful and creates a unique print pattern. I’ll be sharing the pattern and a video tutorial on my website soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Next, I’ll be creating a tutorial for the border on the Bee Happy filet crochet blanket that I just started working on. This is my first time trying filet crochet and I’m really enjoying how it’s turning out.

The straight edges make it easy to count and it’s a great project to work on while listening to YouTube or watching reruns. I’ll be sharing the pattern and a video tutorial on my website once it’s completed.

Finally, I’ll be creating a tutorial for the granny heart and puff stitch blanket that I just started working on. This is a project that I’m making up as I go, so it’s a little bit of trial and error. I may need to frog it back and make some adjustments, but I’m excited to see how it turns out. I’ll be sharing the pattern and a video tutorial on my website once it’s completed.

I hope you’re excited about these upcoming tutorials as much as I am. Keep an eye out for them on my website and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of my latest projects and tutorials.