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Crochet After Dark – Crochet Podcast Episode 5

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In this episode of the Crochet After Dark podcast, I share my latest finished object, a beautiful Bee Happy blanket made using the filet crochet technique. I also introduce several works in progress, including a vintage pattern baby blanket, a purple corner-to-corner Chevron, a Briar Rose pattern, and a Country Fields blanket.

Join me as I share my progress on each of these projects and discuss my thoughts on the yarn and patterns used. Don’t forget to check out the community tab on my YouTube channel to cast your vote on the contrasting color for the vintage baby blanket.

Key Takeaways

  • In this episode, I showcase a finished Bee Happy blanket made using the filet crochet technique and introduce several works in progress.
  • Viewers can cast their vote for the contrasting color of the vintage baby blanket on the community tab of my YouTube channel.
  • The works in progress include a vintage pattern baby blanket, a purple corner-to-corner Chevron, a Briar Rose pattern, and a Country Fields blanket.

Finished Objects

Bee Happy Blanket

I recently finished the Bee Happy Blanket, a pattern I found on Etsy. This was my first time doing filet crochet, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked up.

The pattern consisted of a panel at the top, the words “Bee Happy” in white, and a honeycomb pattern panel at the bottom.

One of my favorite things about filet crochet is that if your count is off, you know it at the end of each row, allowing you to easily fix mistakes.

For the border, I decided to do a modified Moss Stitch. The first three rows are Moss Stitch, and then I added a single crochet, chain two, single crochet at the top to create a subtle wavy edge. The pattern for the border is on the project page for this blanket.

Although I didn’t like how much counting was involved in filet crochet, I’m happy with how the Bee Happy Blanket turned out.

Neon Chevron Blanket

  • Current Status: Finished – Pattern Coming Soon
  • Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver (Various)

Another finished object is a neon Chevron blanket that I made using my own pattern. It’s a super easy granny ripple pattern, and I’ll be working on a tutorial for it soon. This blanket has been in my daughter’s room for months, but I recently found it and brought it out to the couch. It’s made up of all kinds of pretty colors, and I’m excited to share the pattern with you all.

Free Pattern coming soon.

Works in Progress

Vintage Pattern Blanket

I found a vintage pattern from the early 1900s and started working on a baby blanket using the stitch. I am running a poll on my YouTube channel’s community tab to decide on a contrasting color for the edging and border of the blanket.

The main color is white, and I will use a single contrasting color. The blanket is made up of panels, and I am using Caron’s cinnamon swirl cake and cinnamon for a bigger blanket. The texture of the yarn is a bit rough, but it works up quickly, and I love the soft striping effect.

I have already gone through one ball of yarn and will need three to finish the project.

Cinnamon Swirl Cake Blanket

  • Current Status: Finished – Tutorial Coming Soon!
  • Yarn Used: Caron Cinnamon Swirl Cake Blanket

I used the same stitch from the vintage pattern to work up a bigger blanket using Caron’s cinnamon swirl cake.

The blanket is about 38 inches wide, and I love the texture and squishiness of the pattern. I am almost done with the blanket and will make a tutorial for it once complete.

Purple Corner to Corner Chevron

I am almost done with the purple corner to corner chevron blanket and will publish a tutorial for it soon. I have completed the original side and left side and only have the fill-in section and rectangle left to complete. I am looking for border ideas for this type of blanket.

Briar Rose Pattern

  • Current Status: In Progress
  • Yarn Used: Big Twist (various)

I am working on a baby blanket using the Briar Rose pattern by Hooked on Sunshine. The pattern is intricate and complex, making it a bit challenging to work on. However, I am excited to continue working on it, and it will be a gift for someone.

Country Fields Blanket

  • Current Status: Finished!
  • Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver (various)

I am working on a Country Fields blanket using a Yarnspirations pattern (it’s free!). I changed the colors to match a John Deere tractor print and plan to sew a matching pillowcase for a toddler or small child.

The blanket is made up of double crochets and granny clusters and is super easy to work on. I have 17 rows left to complete the project.